The ever-changing Waikato River and broader Taupō region provide a magnificent natural setting for Huka Lodge. Taupō is found on the central plateau of New Zealand’s North Island, distinguished by its vast lake and endowed with a gentle climate, a leisurely pace and spectacular landscape. Formed from an ancient volcanic caldera, Lake Taupō’s waters spill into the thundering Huka Falls. Snow-capped mountain peaks, rolling pastures of golden grasses, lush green wilderness and the clear waters of lakes, rivers and streams offer a calming and rewarding vista from every turn. How do I get there?

Tongariro National Park


Aotearoa is the Māori name for New Zealand and translates to the long white cloud that envelopes both islands. It was originally used by the Māori people only in reference to North Island, where Taupō is at its heart. For the region’s Māori population, tangata whenua, the people of the land, Aotearoa is their place. They know its mountains, rivers, landscape and sea; its culture, whakapapa, heritage and soul, its wairua.

Rainbow springs nature park

Unforgettable encounters

Experience the beauty of Lake Taupō through a range of experiences available for guests at Huka Lodge. Lodge-based activities including tennis, pétanque and croquet are available for the modest adventurer while myriad bespoke experiences – from fly fishing to white water rafting – await those seeking a thrill.

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Jet Boating

Championed as one of New Zealand’s premiere thrill-seeking adventures, a jet boat tour takes guests skimming and spinning along the Waikato River and to the base of Huka Falls on one of the most action-packed experiences in the region.

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Fly Fishing

Fly fishing for trout in Taupō's rivers is steeped in local tradition, and was the original calling for travellers who came to stay at Huka Lodge almost a century ago. Today, the banks around Taupō remain rich in Brown and Rainbow trout.

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Mini Huka Experience

Experience Taupō from dual perspectives of water and sky. A three-hour luxury cruise is followed by a heli flight around Tongariro National Park, before touching down on the lodge's front lawn.

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Huka Lodge is centrally located to some of the world’s most challenging and picturesque championship golf courses. Two world-class courses allow Huka Lodge guests to experience 18 holes of Aotearoa beauty.

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Luxury Cruising

A scenic tour of Lake Taupō on a luxury cruiser is a wonderful way to spend a relaxed afternoon, taking in views of the spectacular mountain-lined backdrop, Māori rock carvings and secluded bays with optional trout fishing and gourmet lunch.

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Mighty waters

Huka Falls

Just downstream from Huka Lodge, the calmly flowing Waikato River gains momentum as it heads towards a natural channel before plunging eleven metres in an icy blue churn along a graduated waterfall, Huka Falls. Guests at Huka Lodge can embark on the Spa Park circuit walk which runs along the riverbanks to a bridge that crosses the river or platforms that offer views of the falls mid-stream, allowing a real sense of the water’s power and thunderous roar.

Huka Falls
Kia Ora Update

Kia ora

A visit to Taupō offers a wonderful chance to engage with local Māori culture and discover its stories and heritage. Lake Taupō is rich in Māori history, and there are several cultural experiences available for travellers who want to learn more about the region’s indigenous culture. You can visit the Ngātoroirangi Mine Bay Māori rock carvings, attend a cultural performance, or take a bespoke guided tour with a local Māori guide to connect you to te ao Māori (the Māori world).

Local flavours

Local flavours

New Zealand is famous for its extraordinary produce, its excellent wines, small batch brews and artisan spirits. Centrally located Huka Lodge has first-hand access to the veritable food bowl of premium, sustainable ingredients including locally produced beef and lamb from the rolling North Island fields. There are Mahurangi Oysters from Auckland and freshly picked fruit and vegetables from the surrounding farmlands, all on the menu at Huka Lodge. View our dining philosophy.

North Island Seasons

New Zealand’s North Island seasons are distinct, offering a new set of experiences in each season. Crisp, blue-skied spring days lead into long summer days with mild evenings. In autumn, golden landscapes welcome and in winter, world class skiing followed by cosy winter nights warmed by local red wine and an open fire await. New Zealand’s North Island seasons are distinct, offering a new set of experiences in each destination. From crisp, blue-skied spring days and long summer evenings to golden autumn landscapes and world class skiing followed by cosy winter nights warmed by local red wine and an open fire, New Zealand has something different to offer in every season.




Summer spans December, January and February. The days are long and warm, ideal for outdoor adventures both land-based and aquatic. Known as New Zealand’s ‘Christmas Tree’, the Pohutukawa flowers over summer, with its vibrant crimson blooms symbolic of relaxing summer days.
Daytime temperatures range from 14-32°C (55-90 F) in summer.




Autumn in New Zealand runs March through to May, generally offering settled weather. The long warm days of summer linger, while the nights cool off. These are ideal conditions for outdoor activities including hiking, kayaking, fishing and boating, and it’s a slightly quieter visitor season.
Daytime temperatures range from 7-21°C (45-70 F) in autumn.




Winter in New Zealand extends from June to August. The higher mountain peaks are snow covered, making for picturesque landscapes and offering opportunities for skiing and snow sports. At Huka Lodge this is perfect lodging weather, with brisk daytime walks and fine wines enjoyed fireside.
Daytime temperatures range from 1.5-15.5°C (35-60 F) in winter.




Springtime from September through November is postcard New Zealand, when newborn lambs are dotted along lush green fields, flowers bloom and waterfalls burst with rains. There’s a fresh, happy atmosphere and skip to the step that makes spring a wonderful time of year to visit.
Daytime temperatures range from 4.5-18°C (40-65 F) in spring.

Getting there

Taupō is located roughly in the centre of New Zealand’s North Island, around three and a half hours’ drive from Auckland. The nearest airport for domestic and international air transfers is Auckland Airport, while the regional Rotorua and Taupō Airports offer optional connections for shorter onwards drives. A variety of transfers are available for guests arriving at Huka Lodge, from helicopters to limousines from a range of departure ports.

  • Flights

    International Flights

    International flights operate to Auckland and Wellington Airports on New Zealand’s North Island. Scheduled domestic flights operate daily to Taupō Airport from Auckland, Wellington. Taupō Airport is a 15-minute drive to Huka Lodge. Guests travelling in private jets can arrange to land at Taupō Airport – for more details visit the FAQ page.

    Helicopter Charters

    Helicopter charters are available from a range of ports including Auckland, Wellington and Rotorua and offer a thrilling aerial arrival or departure to the visually spectacular Taupō region. Flight time from Auckland to Huka Lodge is approximately one hour 15 minutes, Wellington to Huka Lodge is one hour 35 minutes and Rotorua to Huka Lodge is 25 minutes. Helis land on the rolling green lawns riverside at Huka Lodge, allowing an easy stroll to one’s suite.

    Charter Flights

    Charter flights are available by special arrangement and Huka Lodge Reservations can assist with bookings on request.

  • Airport Transfers

    Located 15 minutes from Taupō Airport, the lodge is accessible by road via self-drive car or hire car, private limousine transfer or a 15-minute scenic helicopter transfer. Transfers from Taupō Airport are included, with limousine transfers also available from Auckland Airport direct to Huka Lodge.

  • Self Drive

    Guests who are self-driving or hiring a car can expect a three and a half road trip from Auckland, a five-hour drive from Wellington or a one-hour drive from Rotorua.

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Regal luxury

Guest suites and private residences at Huka Lodge offer a style of regal luxury fit for the Queen, with opulent appointments, rich furnishings, deep baths and premium linens while generous verandas open on to rolling green lawns.


Elegant dining

Dining at Huka Lodge is an occasion, beginning with premium, country style breakfast and progressing to light lunch, evening drinks and finishing with a decadent five course dinner complete with world class wines.

Whet your appetite

Heaven sent

The verdant gardens at Huka Lodge are a restful natural sanctuary, and a range of beauty and wellness treatments is available in the privacy of one's suite, from facials and massages to hairstyling and manicures.