Jet boating from Huka Lodge is available in two thrilling locations: the quick Huka Falls Jet and the larger, longer Falls Jet run.

The 30-minute adrenalin-filled Huka Falls trip skims along the Waikato River daringly close to cliffs at a breath-taking 80km per hour. A series of daredevil style turns and 360º spins await on the way to the Aratiatia Dam and back to the base of the spectacular Huka Falls. Safety is paramount, equipment including life jackets is provided and the jet boat drivers are certified professionals.

1 Jet boating
2 Jet boating

The Rapids Jet boats the biggest and longest rapids in the region, spilling from the Aratiatia Dam. The jetboat shoots through narrow canyons, spinning on crystal clear waters and surfing the pressure waves of the awesome Nga Awapurua Rapids. The riverbanks are lined with fantastic native bush and steaming hot springs. Equipment including life jackets and spray jackets is provided.